Multiroom solutions: audio intelligence for all areas

Today's music lovers ideally want to be able to listen to and control their choice of music in any room of the house or apartment. This doesn't just apply to the home. In shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and public buildings too, for instance, i.e. anywhere where several rooms are to be filled with sound, multiroom solutions that allow the sound system to be controlled centrally are anything but a gimmick and are extremely efficient and useful.

WHD offers you a wide range of intelligent multiroom system solutions enabling you to distribute music over several rooms. Besides the standard version, audio and control data can also be transmitted via computer networks (Ethernet) or a KNX bus system to the building automation system. You can choose whether the sound system is controlled via standard switch programs, touch panels, the PC or even a smartphone.

In addition to the integrated multiroom solutions, at WHD you will find an extensive range of smart individual sound systems, such as a complete stereo system for MP3 players with a wall bracket, possibly the world's smallest stereo system for the socket outlet, wireless mini speakers or flush-mounted RDS Radios with remote control.

All the WHD multiroom solutions at a glance: