Audio over KNX
KNX is the global standard for modern building and house automation. When using the KNX audio system, you select the audio source you require via KNX keypad sensors or touchpanels and can control both volume and sound characteristics either separately in each room or centrally. The audio sources from your stereo system are connected with the 8-channel preamplifier PREAMP 800 which amplifies these audio signals so as to ensure an audio quality free of interference, even across the long distances in the distribution boxes to the audio actuator AM 840. Multiple power amplifiers of type AMP 10 DC or AMP 250 can be connected to the 4 zone outputs on an AM 840. The AM 840 is easy to chain when other zones are required. This enables the KNX audio system to be scaled freely to the needs of the homeowner with respect to the number of speakers per room and the number of rooms required. The power amplifiers are mounted centrally on the top-hat rail together with the AM 840, although they can also find room in a distributed system in sub-distributed boards or flush-mounted boxes. Various types of speaker are also offered with built-in power amplifiers. Connecting a microphone to a PREAMP 800 will even enable you to send announcements to any zone of your choice.

430x85x284 mm  

208x89x51 mm  


106x90x54 (6TE) mm  

35,5x89,5x58,5 (DIN-Rail, 2 TE) mm