Stand Alone Products:

Music in my ears
Music distribution in the 21st. century provides not only excellent sound but also modern functionality - for homes or whereever you go. Remote-controlled radios in high-quality design, the smallest stereo system for outlet installation, music distribution via Bluetooth and functional user interfaces: WHD is confronting the challenges.

110,5x86x26 mm  

55x55x41 mm  

55x55x38 mm  

430x85x284 mm  

430x85x284 mm  

55x55x39 mm  

55x55x36 mm  

45x28x140 mm  

45x28x140mm mm  

62x30x140 mm  


55x55x36 mm  

55x55x58 mm  

55x55x32 mm  

365x298x53 mm  

150x220x167 mm   Suitable for speech reproduction. A speech transm. factor of 90% can be achieved in the frequ. range of 500-4000 Hz.Suitable for background music: low level with a frequency range of 200-10 000 Hz.Suitable for Fullrange reproduction with a frequency range of 50-15 000 Hz.Moisture proof cone: Protection against humidity. Direct water contact is not recommended.

148x88x59 mm